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Hotel Data Cloud

HDC is a content distribution platform that enable hotels to increase bookings by controlling how they are portrayed on booking channels
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Company was reported as not operating anymore on Jul 20, 2023
Hotels rely on complex distribution networks with hundreds of booking channels to sell their rooms. These channels require detailed descriptive content about the hotels, highlighting their features, amenities, services, and facilities. Distressingly, the content currently available is incomplete and even inaccurate, misleading, and obsolete. This not only leaves customers frustrated and disappointed; Hotels lose bookings and revenue. Misinformation can create substantial reputational damage, requiring recovery efforts (e.g. with room upgrades or compensation) that impact hotels financially. The inability to efficiently share information is now particularly worrisome: To recover after CODIV-19, hotels urgently need to ease apprehension, offer reassurance, and rebuild the confidence of travelers. Transparently and openly communicating how hotels ensure hygiene, safety and cleanliness is essential. Hotel Data Cloud (HDC) is a content distribution platform that enables hotels to increase bookings by controlling the narrative of their listings and how they are portrayed on booking channels. With HDC's globally consistent, standardized format for descriptive content that compasses over 600 attributes per property, hotels can share comprehensive details that include multilingual descriptions, images with corresponding metadata and also temporary changes, such us undergoing renovations. HDC generates and distributes personalized content, AI powered smart recommendations and real time updates to increase discoverability. Travel companies can access this content through HDC's data feed, allowing them to provide detailed, consistent and reliable information to their customers. All connected channels are immediately updated, which eliminates the need for hotels to perform redundant manual updates of various extranets. With an unrivaled depth of information, travel companies can fine-tune their hotel search functions with better filtering options, provide better recommendations and address customers with personalized offers that are tailored to their individual requirements. This ultimately allow travelers to discover hotels more easily, make smarter booking decisions and arrive well informed without anxiety and uncertainty.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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