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A marketplace for locals to create custom trips for travelers so they don’t end up as part of the crowd.
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Company was reported as not operating anymore on May 03, 2022
Travelers have constantly battled with fear and uncertainty about the trips they want to take. After dreaming of far-away journeys, are often choosing to go somewhere familiar after just 40 minutes of scrolling. Even if they decide to go, the companies we turn to have a goal is to get you to buy right now, not find the best thing for you. Even travelers that take the leap still end up in crowds of tourists. Those crowds put pressure on locals who don’t even see a third of the traveler's money. Turto offers a better way for travelers and locals. We bring them together in an easy-to-use marketplace that helps travelers co-create custom trips with a team of locals. We don’t want you just to get away but uncover places you’ll love and create a trip designed for you — not for crowds of tourists. It is easy. You fill out a simple travel quiz, and then a team of locals offers up suggestions based on your travel style and interests. Then with a simple click, they learn more about what you want each time. Once travelers have found the places and experiences they’ll love, we find the best place to stay to match and handle all the logistics. Unlike other custom trips, there are no generic itineraries, back and forth emails, high-pressure sales, or hidden motivations. Turto offers an entire team dedicated to making your trip the best it can be at half to 1/10th the price of anyone else. In addition, more of the money travelers pay stays in the community they visit. Allowing Turto to be the only travel app that is dedicated to creating the right trip for you and for the places we visit.
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Tampa, United States
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