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Conscious Travel Platform
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Company was reported as not operating anymore on Apr 11, 2020
Trift is a ‘conscious travel’ platform with trip itineraries, guides, and stories curated by travelers alongside local businesses (tour operators) that deliver impact and a positive footprint. A tech start-up aiming to bring curated and personalized experiences through content creators and local tour operators. We envision to allow people to travel the way they would often see on the internet. Focusing on destinations often seen in a bad light on media or just common misconceptions that have been given to destinations in underdeveloped economies. Trift aims to be the bridge between building cultures and breaking cultural myths and perceptions. Unconventional travel is considered to be a less opted choice when it comes to holidays due to how the media or the news portrays a particular place. But the travelers who have been there, have a completely different story to tell. It is not the destination, but the people and experience that matter the most. Usually, there is one set of standard things one would do when they are in the destination. But there is a whole other side to the experience which only the local people in the country can explain to a traveler and that is exactly what people want. At Trift, we're excited to build together a platform that will socially and economically impact regions around the world. We are a three-way channel involving travel content creators, travel suppliers and experiential users to deliver trips to destinations sorted as unconventional or less taken. We're working on enabling and inspiring people to travel to destinations to locations people often have misconceptions about. Travel content creators form the framework of the platform enriching it with new destinations using a simple 'create a trip' process. The content can be booked, modified or canceled from one place making it convenient for the end-user. Travel suppliers can add their inventories and manage them in future releases. The user can also, profile themselves allowing them to get personalized recommendations and suggestions.
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Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
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Mohamed Nawaz Muallim, Rada Georgieva, Ryan Shirley, Tarun Krishna Jayachandran
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