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We are a SaaS company that has developed technology that translates hundreds of air traffic control conversations into text remotely.
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Company was reported as not operating anymore on Jan 28, 2021
Our company has developed proprietary technology that converts hundreds of radio conversations into text simultaneously. With this data, airlines, airports and travel companies can find out if a flight will be delayed before that delay is reported. Flight delays cost the airline industry $8.2 billion annually. Airline related disruptions account for nearly 50% of all operational delays. Flight plans that indicate a plane’s flight path and ETA constantly change due to irregular operations which increase overall labor and fuel costs. Airlines implement flight re-timing algorithms which adjust flight times to achieve target schedule reliability. A case study showed that with improved data handling methods, a flight plan’s departure delay time can be reduced from 1,816 minutes to 1,278 minutes. Today, more than half of the world's airports lose money. To overcome this problem, the overall airport network model needs to improve. Flight delays and congestion can propagate to other airports and may finally disseminate over the entire network. Due to flight delays and cancellations, airports lose money due to lack of efficiency and a decrease in travelers. If a customer is denied boarding due to their flight being overbooked, they could be owed up to $1,350 in compensation. Over 130 countries have signed up to the Montreal Convention which ensures that all passengers can claim money back from airlines when they have lost money or time due to a flight disruption. When travel companies have access to the reason why a flight is delayed in real-time, they can easily get a customer their refund. By utilizing AI and advanced technology, the efficiency of flight plans will increase, and the amount of flight delays will be reduced. By analyzing radio conversations, we can determine the exact cause of a flight delay at a specific time.
Transportation, SaaS, B2B, Enterprise Software, Big Data
Atlanta, United States
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